Running since 1898...




Digitised Medal copy Felix Furlonger

The 1907

Belfast to Lurgan



The photograph shows


Felix Furlonger

running through Lisburn at the head of the race.


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Club History












Thanks to Felix Furlonger’s grandson Mr. Ken Ettie who sent in the photo and article on the 'Go as you please' above. Back in March this year Mr Bert White made contact from New Zealand. He was a member in the 1950’s and early 60’s. Bert send us a number of items of memorabilia including medals and a club vest. I will be getting these photographed soon and will publish them shortly.

After coming across a 100 year club medal Mr. Greg Pryor from San Raphael, California search out the club and sent it back to Northern Ireland with the comment–“I'm glad to see something put back where it belongs. Here's looking forward to another century for the Willowfield Harriers! “















































Club Motto     Festina Lente


Shown above are two club blazer badges which were in the possession of one of our members. We are not sure of the dates of these items.


Badge A carries a Latin motto ‘Festina Lente’. This would be directly translated as ‘make haste slowly’ or probably more commonly known by us today as ‘more haste less speed’. Interesting words for a running club where speed may be of the essence. It could have many connotations and applications for athletes and club members - in other words do things the proper way instead of hurriedly and heedlessly; see things through in a thorough manner. No skimping on that training programme. The badge also displays a field a field gate similar to the one shown on the Willowfield medal which is the image embroidered onto many of the club ‘hoodie’ tops.


Badge B just carries the club initials and colours below with three blue bars on a white background. This is replicated in the metal pin badge.

If you have had connections to the club or anecdotes to relate regarding past members, races or even the old communal bath at the old Hyndford Street clubhouse please get in touch.














Badge B copy Pin Badge copy Badge A copy

Badge A

Badge B

Metal Pin Badge

Old Willowfield photograph

Photo from Willowfield function many years ago - possibly the 60's.


Back Row Left /Right

Jack Watson/Rodney Watson/Billy Robinson/Jimmy Campbell/Sam Anderson/Brian Barnes/Jimmy Stevenson


Middle Row L/R

Tommy Jennings/Alan Anderson/Sam Ward/Ross Millar/John Doe/Norman Crossley/Eddie Wilson


Front Row L/R

Geoge Jackson/Jackie Ramm/Tom Robinson/Cyril Pennington/Roy Corry

Felix Furlonger History of WTH 1919-1933 History of WTH 1898-1914

These links will open pdf documents which provide a short history and record of Willowfield Temerance Harriers over the first 50 years of the club's existence. Written in 1949 it is a wonderful document although there has been a few little gliches in its scanning and assembly. Anyway it may be of interest to past members and friends of the club.

McCullagh Shield medal 1910 reverse McCullagh Shield medal 1910

The McCullagh Shield gold medal forwarded to us from the USA by Mr. Greg Pryor. It really is a lovely item not much bigger than a ten pence piece. It has been beautifully hand engraved on the reverse.


Won by P.Anderson 1910